2016 MCTGC Program Masthead

Fall 2016- Spring 2017 Programs

Dear Neighbors,

We would like to thank you for your support for our Spring Flower Power fundraiser and our Poinsettia sales in the past years, which help pay for landscaping and maintenance of Mill Creek Towne’s main entrances, as well as our garden-related programs to the Derwood community! To offer these programs, we pay for use of the Mill Creek Towne Elementary School’s space.

Fall 2016–Spring 2017 Programs

For this Fall and the Spring of 2017, we have some more exciting educational opportunities for you to participate in at our upcoming meetings, including:

  • Montgomery Countryside Alliance: Growing Legacy
  • Planting for Birds
  • Healing Herbs
  • Orchids
  • Art Night!2016 - 2017 MCTGC Program Schedule

See the 2016-2017 Program Flyer for more details on our upcoming programs! We will not be having a Fall fundraiser this year. Instead, as requested on our recent follow-up survey, we are providing information on how to make donations. We are currently researching options to offer an online payment option where you can pay by either Paypal or credit card. See our website for details on how you can donate below. Stay tuned for information on our next fundraiser for 2017!


2016 – 2017 MCTGC Program Schedule

Thanks again for your continued support!

About the Mill Creek Towne Garden Club

Illustration by Sue Kay
Illustration by Sue Kay

The club meets once a month, at 7:30 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except for May, July, November, and December). During school year, meetings are held at Mill Creek Towne Elementary school and during the summer, meetings are held at individual member’s homes. Each meeting features a garden-related program.

Established in 1968, the objective of the Mill Creek Towne Garden Club is to stimulate and increase knowledge and interest in all facets of gardening among amateurs, establish an active community beautification program and to encourage civic beautification, and foster group activities for the benefit of the members and the community. The garden club also landscapes and maintains the Mill Creek Towne entrances and common areas.

Mill Creek Towne Garden Club – Derwood, Maryland