July Garden Tips – Edible Flowers


Here are some edible flowers from Mill Creek Towne Garden Club’s Vice President and Master Gardener, Heather Whirley’s garden!

edible flowers

From left to right in the photo: 
  1. CALENDULA/Calendula officinalis also commonly called Pot Marigold, used to flavor and color soups and stews, petals are edible as a topping for salads.  Has a bitter flavor.
  2. LAVENDER – Lavandula angustifolia – floral flavor used in icings, cakes, cookies and pastries.  Recommended varieties for culinary use are “Munstead” and “Hidcote.”
  3. CHAMOMILE/Chamaemelum nobile, Matricaria recutita – used in teas for calming effect.  Do not use or use sparingly if you have allergies to ragweed, as this plant is in the same family. Two types – Annual is the German Matricaria recutita and the perennial Roman is Chamaemelum nobile.  Use the flowers of either type interchangeably in the kitchen.
  4. THYME/Thymus spp. – this herb’s flowers give an herbal flavor – sprigs can be used for decorating plates, also great to let flower in the garden for bees.
  5. BEE BALM/Monarda didyma, M. fistulosa, M.citriodora– spicy, sweet flavor, but exceptionally tempting for the bees in the garden.  Leaves are used to make Bergamot tea.

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